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Lance’s Philosophy:

Lance believes a the mortgage process should be transparent, informative, and simple.

He accomplishes this with a Commitment to Serve & a Bias toward Action. Communication is honest, accurate and transparent. He acts with a Speed to Respond. Home Loans is what he does.

Change is a good thing.

My entire life I have been a leader in everything I do. If you got to know me you’d agree I was reliable, trustworthy and confident. I’m not a sales person I just speak my mind.

When I advise people my instincts, values and goals align and this is when the magic happens. I like to solve problems. To my core, I am a giving person, I embrace personal betterment and I enjoy empowering others with my knowledge and experience.

With over 4 decades of crafting certain traits and combined with over 17 years experience and helping thousands of families finance homes I am proud to say I have mastered my mortgage career. Best of all, I love what I do and I’m happy with the person I’ve become.

I believe the mortgage process should be simple & transparent. My mortgage services comes with a speed to respond, a reliable system delivered with confidence. I courageously challenge the status quo!

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